Meal Time Fun for the Kiddos

How many of us find mealtime to be a fight with our kids?! I’m guessing all of us!! As parents we really want to do right by our kids which could be from making homemade baby food to buying chemical free products. Whatever it maybe, we want meal time to be stress free. So how do we make mealtime more fun? By buying some fun spoons and bibs, and there’s always bribery! HAHAHA. I stumbled upon these products in Colombia, but they sell them internationally. I LOVE THEM.


                                                         Clockwise from top left

Oogaa Mealtime Set– How cute are the spoons!?! And how many times have we had to pretend the spoon was a train or a plane to get the food into their mouths. Let’s face it, sometimes our kids are tough clients! I bought this set for my son and it was actually the only set available at the store but now both my kids use it. The best part about this set is how it is made from silicone and has no harmful chemicals that can leach into your child’s system. After watching The Human Experiment, I’m a bit apprehensive about certain products and now read the labels.

Make My Day Bibs– They sell other products as well, but the bibs got me. They have various designs and I like that they do not allow the water or juice seep through the bib. So not only are they cute, but they also are very functional which every busy parent really needs.

Fruit Teethers – For those babies who are starting to teeth and pop everything in their mouth, these are a great product. I have a Sophie the Giraffe by the way, but these were too cute to pass up. What I found was the these teethers were really easy for my son to pick up, which helps fine tune his fine motor skills, so they are functional in more than one way. I give these too him after he finishes eating so it keeps him busy while the rest of the family can finish eating.

You can purchase the items through the site and of course Amazon!!

Look how cute the bibs are!!

Look how cute the bibs are!!

I wish I had discovered these when I had my daughter and after going through tons of different types of mealtime sets, bibs and teethers, these are definite winners.  Try these out and tell me what you think! Thanks for reading and here to more fun mealtimes!

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